Mango Weekend - Fermenting With Anshita Dawar

This mango season, we are over the moon to have Anshita Dawar at our farm to teach to our staycation guests the art of fermentation. Here's a little about her and the workshop.

About Anshita Dawar, The Fermenter

I grew up in a family where making fermented achaars and drinks was a part of everyday life, and  I discovered many years later the art and science behind these preserved food. I have since then been practising and researching this form of fermentation. I love to learn how other cultures and communities ferment as well and it’s fascinating to discover the similarities.

My way of fermenting is an amalgamation of fermented recipes I’ve observed and tasted over all these years. I love the idea of using every part of the fruit and vegetable- stalk, peels, seeds, roots!
At the moment I like to work in farms and think of ways of using farm produce that is in abundance and for some reason is not market ready.

As a fermentation educator I like to share my learnings, at the same time love to learn and interact with other communities and cultures.
I continue to learn and be amazed how different cultures ferment. There is still so much to discover, taste and learn.


About The Workshop

Fermentation is way of preserving foods. It not just creates delicious flavours naturally but also creates amazing gut friendly microbes. There are many possibilities of extracting flavours from foodstuff through this technique. think of fermented lemons, fermented honeyed fruits, sour fermented radish/cabbage!

In this workshop learn with me some basics of the art and science of fermentation so that you can play around with ingredients you find easily at home.

Since it’s the mango season we will be make interesting ferments with mangoes. These will be sweet, savoury while using every part of the fruit!

I will be taking you through creating four jars of ferments with mangoes that you will take home with you! In addition to that, a short session on how you could use these ferments in your cooking along with tasting!


The four jars that we will put together for fermentation are:
- Sugar fermented mango seeds and peels syrup
- Fermented mango achaar with spices
- Lactofermented chilli mango chutney/hot sauce
- Raw mango carrots cucumber kimchi

Dates - June 10th, 17th, 27th, July 1st, 8th

Time - 10:30am to 1:30pm

This workshop is a part of the Mango Weekend Staycation and is included in the stay tariff.

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