Preorder Mango Boxes!

This season, we are shipping out mango boxes all over india. We have two of our main varieties on sale - Totapuri & Banganapalli in 5kg and 10kg boxes.

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Totapuri - Shop here!

The most favourite raw mango in the subcontinent but the table variety also ripens very well with a distinct flavour. Perfect for making and cooking pulp, salads, pickles or our simple favourite of adding salt and chilli.

Banganapalli - Shop here!

Grows best in our belt. High sugar content, deep flavour, less fibrous making it very palatable. A geographical indication tagged local variety. Great for desserts, juices, icecreams, aam papad!

Note on how we grow our mangoes - We don't treat our soil with any chemicals. The trees are taken care of through out the year without any artificial additives. Pests are maintained through organic derivatives through foliar sprays.

Delivery timeline - Harvest will happen during the month of june. As soon as the produce is harvested, we'll be plucking, packing and sending out immediately. We will keep you posted closer to the harvest date. As an approximate time, please keep 4-6 weeks in mind.